Stephen has been obsessed with fashion and appearance from a very early age. Parochial school will do that to us especially when the “uniform” is more liberal than a specific costume.

Travel through Europe and living in a variety of locations in the U.S. continued to feed the obsession, as well as refine the sense of what is a trend and what is timeless, and how knowing the difference is very important.

In 1999 Stephen set off on a career path in retail that allowed him to embrace his passion for clothing and influence others in their fashion statements about themselves. His career eventually led to San Francisco, and ultimately, Couture, where in 2011 he was invited in and has become a part of the Couture family.
He anticipates the opportunity to assist the distinctive man who is in search of their signature look that is modern, unique and timeless, as well as those individuals who have managed their wardrobes well and just need some gentle enhancements from time to time.