Winner of a Luxist award for making the best shirts in the world, Eton of Sweden controls its manufacturing process from the purchasing of raw materials through the creation of fabrics to the final product. Every inch of Eton’s brand exudes quality and style. While many manufacturers cut corners and save costs by using harmful chemicals, Eton of Sweden uses 100% natural cotton and an organic wash. The result is one of the most luxuriant and natural yet stylish shirts you will ever own.

A bit about Eton’s history:

The story of Eton started in 1928, in the small village of Gånghester, Sweden . The young couple, David and Annie Pettersson, had both a unique eye for high quality and genuine craftsmanship, which later revolutionised the complete shirting industry. Today, Eton’s shirts and accessories can be found in exclusive stores all over the world.

We invite you to step up to the quality and luxury of Eton. In addition to shirts, we also carry a full line of Eton accessories. Come by the shop and have a look for yourself.