David’s Couture Atelier is seeking a highly experienced Men’s Tailor/Alterations expert to join our store. As a European Designer Atelier Custom-Made-to-Measure Men’s Tailor/Alterations associate, you will play a key role in the customers fitting. As the Men’s Tailor/Alterations Expert you will be responsible for working on Men’s garments including suits, jackets, shirts and pants.
This job description is not all inclusive. Couture reserves the right to amend contract at any time. Couture Designer European Clothing is an Equal Opportunity Employer, committed to a diverse and inclusive work environment. Primary Location: FiDi – Downtown San Francisco, SF (Bay Area)

Job: Experienced Tailor.

Tailoring/ Alterations experience: +20 years

Please call David

CoutureUomo.com may look like other fine men’s stores, but it is not.

You can see the difference in the quality of our fabrics. The selection in our brands.  The fit of our clothes.

But the real difference is in what you can’t see.

David designs the garments from 3pc suits to waistcoats himself   Some even have patents.  (Have you ever seen a leather jacket that reverses into a raincoat?)

And while a personalized service careful and precise measurement is to be expected from a top men’s bespoke suit store, we dedicate ourselves to something more. We believe some men want more than luxury brands that impress. Much more than clothes that look good.  They want outfits to express who they are.

How many men want to wear someone else’s style.   They make their own.

So when we say we are dedicated to the best, attentive service we can provide, we don’t mean helping you buy something.

The real difference of Couture doesn’t happen here in the store.   It happens in your wardrobe and in your suitcases when you travel.  They transform from a history of what you bought in the past to a bio of who you are today.

What if your whole closet has purpose and expresses a part of you? Each one inviting you to embark on a new journey past just your honeymoon and celebrate a new year of new adventures and new accomplishments.

Welcome to the world of Couture.